Knowing the devil

divorce-separation-marriage-breakup-split-39483.jpegDivorce is an epitome of destruction. It demoralized everything attached to a family. To some it’s no big deal, to some it’s a Porsche trend, to some its a means of making wealth and to some it’s a nuclear bomb. 

it submerges the purpose of a family. It creates a vacuum that may never be filled for as long as you live. It is not passive. It restructures the definition of love. It takes away essence. It is filled with miscellaneous entities…… Are you kidding me? It takes away one’s personality. Just know it’s not an accomplishment and its against the will of God. You can’t eat your cake and have it back, once it is altered, the basis has been altered. 

Statistics on divorce rates

According to statistics, the divorce rate per 1000 women is 16.9%. Researchers estimate that 41% of all first marriages end in divorce. In the u.s one divorces every 13 seconds. There are 277 divorce per hour, 6646 divorce per day, 46523 divorce per week and 2, 419, 196 divorce per year. That means there are 9 divorcees in the time it takes a couple to recite their marriage vows. Over a 40year period, 67% of first marriages terminate. 

Research has uncovered that,

  • 73% of divorce is as a result of lack of commitment. 
  • 56% is as a result of argument.
  • 55% of divorce is as a result of infidelity.
  • 46% of divorce is as a result of early marriage.
  • 44% is as a result of lack of equality.
  • 41% is as a result of lack of preparation.
  • 25% of divorce is as a result of abuse.


Key points for a successful marriage

  • Communication;communication is very vital in a marriage. Get to talk about your individual perspective and relate it to the present situation you are facing. See how you both can improve on slacked areas. Get to share your joy and pain. Don’t let activities steal your communication. Get to crack jokes, riddles, dance together, go for a walk, I mean just ignite the fire, never let it burn away. Don’t just be dormant with the everyday boring penchants. Hi honey… was your night……breakfast is ready……have a nice day e.t.c. and the whole process is repeated again as the days go by, you both are not insects, re-strategize your communication. 
  • Time: don’t let activities steal your time. You need to have time for each other and the children. Always share memorable moments, both of you can still club if u wish. Send flowers, throw surprises, go outing, go shopping. Just spend time doing what you love most. Try out new stuffs together.
  • Devotion : be devoted to each other. Also have spiritual moments, pray in times of trouble and celebration.


As a man and the head of the family, just as it’s your duty to provide for the family, it’s also your responsibility to keep the family. How do u treat your wife? 

  • Every woman loves attention. Give her your attention, have a listening ear. Even she says something you don’t have an answer to, always say soothing words. Tease her often, make her smile.
  • Compliment her. When she cooks, compliment her cooking, if the food is not nice then don’t pretend it is. Tell her in a loving way. When she dresses compliment her dressing, you don’t know how much time and finances she spent just to make you proud and know that she is your world. Make her dress suit your taste no matter what it takes. Don’t be the complaining type about what she wears or what she spent.
  • Tush her up. Give her allowances for her personal use. Provide what ever it takes for her to look good.
  • Share in her joy and happiness. Baby!!, I just got employed in brainz marketing limited………………….oh really!!, I thought singles alone were employed into that company…… Meeeehn!!! are you that neutral? That’s not the best you can do. Be happy when she is happy be there for her when she is sad, be a comforter.
  • Never cheat on her. If she wasn’t the best for you, you wouldn’t have married her. Don’t measure her up with others. She is the crown of your glory, the time you start cheating, you loose the crown and your kingdom falls. Be content with her. Upgrade her if she is not up to taste.
  • She is not your exercise push ups and dumb bells. Do not hit her, control your anger at all costs. Walk out if necessary. Mute up. Ignore provocations. Don’t use offensive words on her. Always remember all the songs you sang to her during courtship, she is the sugar in your tea, the star in your world, letting her know how beautiful, intelligent etc she is. By the time you abuse her, you’ve made her the cockroach in your cupboard and migraine in your head.
  • Never give up on her. Support her always, share in her dreams and help bring them to reality. Assist her when in need, pull her up when she falls. Encourage her don’t mock at  her and make her a subject of contempt.


A relationship is an affinity which is charged or discharged by an atom called love. It is an attraction of commitments, sacrifice, learning and beauty. It superceeds  ordinary emotions and uncertainty. It is a basis of life. 

Groups of relationships

  • Family relationship
  • Social relationship
  • Intimate relationship




family; family is a platform where living things originate from. Family is a cordial link where one falls back when in trouble or in need. It influences our background personalities and show cases our lifestyle. It withstands barriers, once broken, the floods and storms of life(both financially, academically, emotionally, spiritually and otherwise) pours in and causes it to be unstable. This makes it an important aspect as all humans who have families are deemed special and important. Having a family is a gift from God. Family is the epicenter where character and admirable traits are built. It is the sole focus of a being. These attributes are what differentiates humans from animals. Unfortunately humans are ignorant of these facts.

many families today are broken and destroyed. Divorce is the everyday trend. Children are being abandoned and left to their faith. Many of these chaps are broken and have become unbearable to the society. 



The will of love


love is the immortality of the heart. It is the yearning to feel wanted, owned, possessed. The sustenance on feelings, attitudes, learning e.t.c. it is the egoism of the heart, the maturity of the mind, the refute of thoughts and bringing to reality what must be. 

    I love, am just the outward expression of the innermost feeling towards an object or subject. I hunt down human personality and make a human entirely different. I can make or break, build or destroy, cause joy or sadness.   

The wind blows, the ocean rises, the mountain splits, the sun shines and the rainfalls, the crust is still, the fields  bloom, the insects flowers. Hear the atmosphere……….what calls?……. Am a weapon, it depends on how you wield me and what you will of me.

Power of love❤💖

love is a behest. It will do all things just to fulfill it’s purpose. It works against the normal intentions of the heart. It terrorized the sound ness of the brain. It breaks the very process of the mind and body. God is love(we are the evidence of his love(as the master piece), and we show love to all(as the master minders). Love is loyal, honest, patient, caring, e.t.c. It seeks out all good.

Cause I am your sun………………..

You are my star………………………..

Whenever you reach out for me…………………

I’ll do all that i can………………..  Continue reading “The will of love”